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ThemeControl has developed an awesome digital menu used in android tablets. This digital menu is mainly used for restaurants, cafes, and beer bars. It has a great design available and displays food or products professionally. We can say this menu is Restaurant Digital Menu. 

Products or food displayed as per categories. Also, the category design looks great and displays vertically. You can select any category and shows the product or food of that category. You can review product details available with the price of that product or food. Also, gif image supports product or food image. So it looks gorgeous to the customers.

You can set an advertisement for any product in the middle of the product list. This restaurant’s digital menu has great features available. Likewise, customers can also order from the table and kitchen get that order. If you set a tablet for each table then the contact-less order system can work for you. 

Also, customers can chat with the kitchen admin. Likewise, if have any questions or need help. Then the customer can directly send the message to the kitchen. And each tablet will have its table number available in the restaurant’s digital menu. So, it’s very easy to identify the tables and orders from customers. 

It has multi-currency and multi-language systems available. So this digital menu for restaurant applications works in most countries.

There are two applications available. One is for customers and another is for the kitchen. And also admin panel is available. You can manage products, categories, and orders from the admin panel. The kitchen application performs the same things as the admin panel has.
Restaurant digital menu is used only in restaurants?

This tablet digital menu app is mostly used for restaurants. But you can also use it for other stores or shops. Where people can see the menu themselves. So it can also use for other stores and shops and not only for the restaurant menus. 

Is the restaurant’s digital menu application available in Playstore?

This digital menu application is not available in the play store. Because it has a custom backend and admin panel. So you can contact theme control and buy this digital menu application. 

Is the digital menu for restaurants application free?

This digital menu application is not free. But you will have to pay just once when you go to buy this app. After no need to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees. 

How to download this application on tablets?

This restaurant’s digital menu application is easy to install. Once you buy this digital menu app then time control will send you a file. You can just single-click on that file and start installing. That file will be an ap file of the application. 

Does the admin panel available for this digital menu for the restaurant?

Yes, it has a great admin panel available and it’s user-friendly. From the admin panel restaurant, the owner can manage food dishes and the price of the dish. Also, he/she can generate reports of the sellings and food. And can manage orders easy way.

Kitchen application plays the same role as the admin panel?

Yes, the kitchen application is the same in working as the admin panel. You can also manage all orders and also dishes from the kitchen app.

Does this application available for iOS?

For now, this digital menu is available only for android. But iOS application is under development. You can ask for the themecontrol team if you need an only iOS app. It may be ready in iOS when you read these details. 

Does the admin panel cost extra if I buy the application?

No there are no hidden charges in it. The cost of this digital menu is which is showing in the details. This cost is including all the fees and charges with tax. 

What will need from my side to use this digital menu for the restaurant app?

You will need your own domain and hosting to use this application for the backend and admin panel. And for use application need a tablet or mobile for customers. 

Do I need to pay monthly or yearly for this digital menu application?

No, you do not need any monthly or yearly charge to use this application. You can use it for a lifetime once you buy it once. You will get this application including the source code. 

Is there any way I need any customizations in this digital app?

Yes, of course. If you need any customization in this digital application. Then you can contact the ThemeControl team. And you can contact them on WhatsApp number +91 8469334931. There will be an extra cost for your customization. And cost depends on your customization requirements for the digital menu. 

Here is the list of functions available in the digital menu for restaurants.

Awesome menu design 

As you can check in the below image, the application has a great design available. The menu shows perfect with price and also can see the details of food. Clear and modern design is available so customers can clear food details. 

Category wise products 

You can see any food dish as per the category. If you select any category then it shows the food dish of that category. And you can add/edit categories and food dishes of any category. 

GIF image support for food/product

The GIF image looks great in the food image. So customers can attract to the food dish after viewing this image including with GIF. you can check this in a live demo of this digital application. 

Live chat with a manager from the table

Customers can direct chat with the manager or at the counter. In the application, there is an option of chatting with the table number. So the manager or counter holder can know which table has a query. Or by using the chat option customer can also call the waiter. 

Product price

Customers can check any food dish/product price easy way. As you can see in the image the price of food fish is shown clearly. Also, customers can check the add-on price of that food dish or product. 

Products/food details description

Also, there is an option to add a description of the food dish/product. So customers can view food/products and check the descriptions of products in detail. 

Contactless order from the table 

The best feature of this digital menu is contact-less order. Restaurants can put the tablet on each table. And each tablet will have its table number. So customers can directly order from that digital menu application. And the kitchen will receive that order in the admin panel or application with a table number.

Add products/food dish

Restaurant owners or managers can add/edit/delete products/food dishes. And can manage at any time from the admin panel. Or also can manage products/food dishes from kitchen application. Also, can manage products/food dishes as per categories. 

Add category 

Same as products, the admin/manager can manage categories from the admin panel or kitchen app. And can add/edit/delete categories anytime and anywhere. 

Receive orders 

When a customer orders the food/products from their table then the admin will receive the orders. And manage the orders and also the manager can know the table number of the order. Also, can see new orders, preparation, and delivered status of dishes/products.

Manage orders 

When there receive any order from the customer the admin can manage orders via the kitchen app. And also from the admin panel. And can set the order status likewise new order to preparing, and delivered. 

Manage tables 

Yes, the admin or manager can add/edit delete table numbers. And every table will have a tablet and can log in with table numbers. So can manage table numbers in digital application. 

Live chat with customers 

The customer has a live chat option with the admin. So admin or manager will have the same functions to reply to customer questions. And can chat easy way with customers and solve queries if have any.

This restaurant’s digital menu application is available for a live demo before buying. You can request a live demo of the digital menu on WhatsApp number +91 8469334931.

Once you request for demo then you will get the demo by the same day. 

Price: $380

Including with android mobile application and admin panel. 

To buy this application you can contact me on WhatsApp number +91 8469334931

If you have any questions regards this digital app then you can comment below. Or contact on above WhatsApp number. 

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