Best Project Management Tools 2022

There are hundreds of project management tools available to manage projects easily and perfectly. Before listing tool names, let us explain 

What is a Project Management Tool ?

What is a Project Management Tool?

The tool can be used to complete the project successfully on a defined time and budget. A person or a team uses this tool to whom assigned the project. 

Then the assigned person will update their workflow regularly on the tool and also other team members can know and do the same. This is the main concept of the Project Management Tool.

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Simply, to complete the project successfully there require resources, Man Power, Methodology, Regular Updates, Reporting from the team or a person. These all things go through project management tools so these tools play the best role in the success of projects.

The Project Management tool is one type of software. By using a project management tool you don’t need to use spreadsheets, emails, and drive for completing the project successfully.  

Best Tools for Project Management

There are hundreds of tools available in the world. There are mostly tools that are paid based on usage, users, and time. All tools have their own different costs to use. There some are providing a few features free of cost and if need to use more features then need to upgrade to paid membership based on usage. 

Here we are listing top using Tools for Project Management to manage projects. That can help you to choose based on your requirement. And also you can review the cost of those best Project Management Tools. 

Let us describe each tool in detail with the functionality they provided and their costs.



Asana provides all the functionalities which are basics in developing a project from the planning of the project to delivering the project. This tool can be used by a team or a single member who works on the project. The features provided by Asana are listed here.

App Integration

If going to use Asana Project Management Tool then you can integrate other tools into it. Other tools that can be integrated with Asana are Slack, Gmail,  Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Outlook,

Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud. And, Okta, Jira Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, MuleSoft, Lucid Chart, OneDrive, HourStack, Testmo, Dropbox, GitHub, GitLab and many more which are normally used to develop projects.

Fore review all the apps which can be integrated with Asana you can review it here


It supports automation of progress, no need to work manually but team members can use Asana and follow all the regular steps then the project must complete successfully on time. 


And for completing projects on time, there can add project tasks based on a calendar date and schedule tasks. And share plans with everyone based on the date. If there is any change between scheduled tasks then it can be managed easily for everyone. 


They can manage workload easily for each team member and workload shows on graphs so team members aren’t work loaded for him/her task. That can help the team members to work smoothly and move ahead regularly based on assigned tasks. 


Admin can review reports of tasks, workload, scheduled, assigned tasks, and all activities are done by the employee or team. Can get a report of any selected Project or team. It can be also viewed in graphical representation and also in lists. Reports can be downloadable in listings and also you can download graphs of any reports. 


This Asana tool provides Kanban board, it’s a digital board where a team can move tasks status and shows to all assigned members. 


Where the company can set the goal of tasks completion and project completion. Admin can review progress and get the best output from members and they work timely without workload. It can help to complete all tasks in a timely manner. It can boost team performance.


Asana has Android And iOS Applications available so the team can manage tasks from anywhere. And also the Desktop app is available so it can be easy to use on a computer.


When a project is going to start you can add a shared team calendar with deadlines of tasks. The calendar view can switch to a list view also.


Basic Basic Membership is FREE forever 
Premium Premium Membership costs $10.99 / Month, per user billed annually.
Business Business Membership costs @24.99 / Month, per user, billed annually.

There are 3 Memberships available in Asana. And there are limitations to using features based on membership.



Project Management for Software Development, Jira tool is the best tool for managing projects and is most used by agile teams. Jira can also be integrated with other tools which you use already. Jira is an awesome Software Project Management Tool and by using this tool projects can be delivered on time. The features and pricing of Jira are described below. 

Scrum Boards

By using a scrum board Agile team can deliver the project as fast as possible and with great value. Team collaboration can start on scrum boards. The scrum board unites the team to a single goal and can help in incremental delivery.

The Jira scrum board is the visual display of progress in the project and tasks. Scrum boards increase transparency and communication and also team focus on organization.

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards give full visibility of every task to the team and increase the quality of delivery and outputs. By using Kanban boards deliveries can be continued. And increase transparency between teams to maximize the efficiency of the team.

It optimized workflows so it’s allowed to customize the workflow as simple or complex as required. Jira Kanban board can give complete visibility so once a task is complete the team can start other tasks quickly.


Simply by using roadmaps can create plans of the project and can share directly to strake holders and make the flow easy for all. Roadmaps can help to communicate smartly and better.

If teams and companies synchronize with roadmaps then results will be great in the project development process. Can make plans and track their progress with the team. You can track the real-time progress of your team by using roadmaps. Can plan based on team capacity of workload. The main thing of roadmaps is to keep teams and organizations in sync.

Agile Reporting

The team has many reports available of how the team is progressing. By using Agile Reporting team can deliver real-time reports to customers. And also can improve delivery and performance by using Agile Reporting. There are 4 types of reports available for the scrum team and those are listed below.

  • Spring Report
  • Burndown Chart
  • Release Burndown
  • Velocity Chart

Mobile Applications

Jira has android and iOS applications developed so the team can update their work from anywhere on their mobile. So it can be easy to use anywhere.


Pricing is different based on the limited access of functions.

Free Lifetime free for 10 users
Standard $7.50 per User/month
Premium $14.50 per User/month
Enterprise Enterprise membership needs an annual plan and it can be a custom plan.

If your company works on software development and has an agile team then Jira is the best Project management tool for Agle Team



The best feature available in the Wrike tool is you can customize tools based on your exact project requirement. Wrike is a good Project Management Tool used for managing project tasks by task and achieving success in the project and delivering the project perfectly.

Project progress can see with the transparency of all members who joined the project. In Wrike also you can integrate other apps. Other apps are around 400+ which you can integrate with Wrike and continue workflow in a single place. You can do the following integration in Wrike.

  • CRM
  • Email integration 
  • Software/IT
  • CMS
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Extension
  • File Storage
  • Import/Export
  • Single Sign On
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile App and Desktop App

Integrate these systems with Wrike and you can continue project tasks in one place. 

And the other features in Wrike are listed below.

Customize tool

Wrike can customize tools based on the exact requirement of any team. And it can custom Dashboard, request forms, workflow, updates, and more. So this is an advanced feature for managing projects as a team can custom tool based on their exact requirement. 

Enable better collaboration

Using Wrike collaboration between teams can be awesome with updates of tasks, sharing files, feedback process with visual proofing, and reports instantly. 

The more intelligent way to work

Experience the future of work with work intelligence. It uses an advanced communication system and the latest system. Like Voice command and smart replies. This is an advanced feature available in this project management tool. 

Interactive Gantt chart 

By using Gantt charts you can drag and drop interfaces with project plans. And create dependencies, share snapshots, and analysis. It gives high productivity of a project. And other functions in the Gantt chart are 

  • Visualize plan with a timeline
  • Import Microsoft Projects files
  • Manage multiple projects.

Kanban boards

You can move the agile team to kanban boards software of the Wrike tool. It helps to clarify importance, achieve the best result, and improve delivery in less time. In kanban boards can customize workflows and increase efficiency. The benefits to using kanban boards are.

  • Increase team’s focus
  • Reduce emails 
  • Streamline your team’s intake
  • Customize status for teams
  • Identify and avoid roadblocks
  • Can use ready-made templates

Purpose-built templates

Wrike’s pre-built templates are very important to manage a project for events and assign tasks to the team. Prebuilt templates reduce the time of a project manager. Many templates are available in Wrike. Listed those templates below. 

  • Communication Plan Template
  • Event Management 
  • Marketing Campaign Management 
  • Product Roadmap Template 
  • Project Scheduling 

Utilize custom request forms

Based on requirements you can use custom request forms from Wrike to auto-assign tasks to the right team. Wrike gives the following custom requests form 

  • Use the dedicated form builder
  • Add intuitive automation 
  • Import Microsoft Project FIles 

Automate Approval Process  

Every task goes through a similar process till the project is complete. Build a path where tasks can be auto-assign and go to approval. It saves the timing of emailing and updates.

Customizable Dashboard

Wrike has an awesome customizable dashboard available. You can customize the dashboard display based on your exact requirements. Also, the dashboard shows graphical representation and charts of every task’s timing, teams performance, and reporting. The benefits of the dashboard are listed below.

  • Maximize output with dashboard 
  • Auto organize your intake
  • Custom-build for your teams
  • Gain big picture visibility 

If you are looking for a customizable Project Management tool then Qrike is best for you. Also, review the pricing of Wrike. 


Wrike has 4 plans with different pricing and they differ based on limited access. Those plans are listed here. 

FreeThis is free forever
Professional$9.80 per User/month
Business$24.80 per User/month 
EnterpriseFor enterprise need to contact the sales team



Zoho is the best project management tool used for multi-purpose businesses. This means Zoho can be used for any business project. This tool has an intuitive UI.

You can integrate many apps into the Zoho tool. Those apps are Zoho apps, Google apps, Microsoft apps. Also, Imports, calendar, Manage bugs apps, Messaging, Zapier app, Zendesk, and ServiceNow app.

Zoho has awesome features available. Let us write those features in easy language with few details 

Task Management

In Zoho, by using the task management feature there can list tasks, task lists, and sub-tasks of easy and complex projects. And also can break tasks into milestones so it will be easy to complete a project successfully. 

Task Automation

By Task Automation you can automate your task processes with Blueprints. Task processes can be quite complex; they may involve multiple teams, requiring approval from a specific member. So Tsk automation makes it simple and auto-process with a blueprint. The process stages are listed below. 

  • Visualize and design workflows 
  • Loop in the right people 
  • Automate your actions

Time Tracking

Each minute spent on the project is recorded by the time tracker in Zoho. It also records time on task-based and defines which task took how much time. It records work hours of employees with help of timesheets and task timers. Also, timer work is based on automatic tracking. The benefits of time tracker are 

  • Improve productivity
  • Boost profitability 
  • More transparency 
  • Manage global teams 

Charts and Reporting

To make every project and task successful need to use different types of charts available in the Zoho project management tool. Also, their reporting is important for every progress of a project. For charts, Ghantt charts & Resource utilization charts are available in Zoho.

Issue Tracking and Workflow

Whatever project or task you’re doing there surely comes any issue regarding tech, any machine fault, members not available like these. So It tracks issues based on how you make the reports. Also, you can make an issue list custom based on requirements and prepare a report of it. After you can manage issues easily and import the list of issues and solve them sop project can move forward to be completed successfully. 

Team Collaboration

Team management is the best system available in Zoho. It provides personal feeds, chat, forums, and pages for communication. If your team works remotely and globally then Team Collaboration is a useful feature for managing your project. 

Mobile Apps

Zoho provides Android and iOS mobile applications so a team member can work from anywhere at any time so it can help to improve the quality of delivering projects successfully. 


Zoho has 3 pricing plans. Which are based on limited access in each plan. 

FreeFree up to 3 users
Premium$4.9 per user/month and it’s up to 50 users. 
Enterprise$9.9 per user/month



ClickUp is the most growing project management tool and it’s useful for every type of business. If you use many tools to manage projects then this ClickUp is the only one that can replace you all using other apps. Hundreds of powerful tools are in one place in ClickUp.

It’s totally customizable so you can customize views based on your needs and you like colors and all.

ClickUp has many features available. 

In ClickUp you can connect around 1000+ apps direct to it and start working on it to manage your project and complete it successfully. Those apps are Google Apps, Slack, GitHub, GitLab.

Harvest, OneDrive, Calendar, Vimeo, Zoom, etc. The features of ClickUp are listed below. 

Customizable Tasks

You can choose from 35+ customizable task management for any work needed. And you can save time to add points, fields, and data by direct customizable tasks.

Benefits of those tasks are listed below. 

  • Get more with ClickUp tasks
  • Customize tasks for any project 
  • Collaborate anything with the team.
  • Break down big projects into subtasks.
  • Organize work your way


You can create goals for your project. And share with the whole team members who joined the project. And manage all goals in one place for making the project successful. Also, the benefits of Goal are listed below

  • Create trackable Goals connected to your work.
  • Measure success with key result 
  • Manage all goals in one place at ClickUp
  • Set targets to clear win
  • Share goals with only one in the team 


You can connect ClickUp with Android mobile and iOS mobile. And also Desktop apps are available for Mac and Windows computers. So it can be very easy to use and manage tasks & reporting any time anywhere.

Realtime Reporting

You can set goals and track resources with the powerful reporting system of ClickUp. In the dashboard, you can set reports on which report you want to keep in the dashboard. It tracks everything in progress and you can take reports from there. 


You can save time by using readymade templates for tasks and projects. Their hundreds of templates are available in ClickUp.

  • CRM
  • Agile Management 
  • Sprints
  • Simple To-Dos
  • Employee handbook
  • Event Management & Planning 
  • Accounting and Budget
  • Website Management 
  • Patient Management 
  • And many more 

Use Cases

ClickUp Project Management tool is used in most businesses. Here is a list of businesses that can use ClickUp for their business. 

  • Developing 
  • Marketing 
  • Project Management 
  • Event Planning 
  • Sales 
  • Finance 
  • Real estate 
  • Healthcare
  • CRM
  • Website Management 
  • Remote Work
  • Customer service
  •  Startup


ClickUp has 5 different plans available with one free and the other 4 are at different prices.

FreeIt’s free forever for personal use
Unlimited$5 per user/month for a small team
Business$9 per user/month for mid-size teams
Business Plus$19 per user/month for multiple teams
EnterpriseFor enterprise solutions, you need to contact the sales team. It will be a custom plan



Zenkit is the best Project Management tool and designed for Agile teams and classical projects developments. With best facilities of Resource management, Global Views, and Reports.

Zenkit is also providing a global Calander so every event you can view at your point. And many more important functions are listed below.

Advanced Reports

It provides meaningful and advanced reporting for every task and project. It has 720 combinations of reports to choose from. From those combinations, it contains all the reporting which includes projects and tasks.

Global Kanban

In Global Kanban boards you can gather all the data which are included in the tasks and all projects globally. This means by using the Global Kanban Board they can gather all the data in one place from the global team. 

Resource Planning

By using Resource planning you can understand the capacity of your teams globally and you can plan based on project requirements. 

Switch Views

Switch Views are awesome features used to switch views like Kanban, Gantt charts, lists, and calendars. It helps to view easily whatever view we want to keep.

Zenkit has a good global search feature available. Which can be used for global search within Zenkit. This means you can search any words which are included in any project or any task. 

Work Offline

If you don’t have internet available when you are working, then no need to worry because once you are in the range of the Internet then data will be auto-updated to the cloud. It’s also supported in the web version of Zenkit.

Bulk Actions

It reduces data entry work. Because Zenkit provides bulk action facilities. By using bulk actions you can add, edit, delete in bulk. 

Drag and Drop

To add and edit tasks and project details, you can simply drag and drop any items easily and make them understandable for everyone. 

Custom Background

Zenkit has a custom background facility available for users. Users can select any background and can make custom backgrounds for their own.

Global Calendar

It has a global calendar feature available so if your teams work globally and from different time zones then the global calendar can help to see their own time.

Enterprise Features

For enterprise solutions, there are available advanced features. Which are 

  • Advanced Administration 
  • 2 Factor Authentication 
  • User Roles and Group 


Zenkit can be used on the below platforms so users can use their favorite devices. 

  • Web
  • Android 
  • iOS


PersonalIt’s free forever
PlusIt costs $9 per user/month
BusinessIt costs $25 per user/month
EnterpriseFor enterprise solutions, you need to contact the sales team and demo.



Monday looks like a day of the Week but here Monday is the best Project Management tool used for managing and delivering successful projects. It has the best features available in this tool. Monday also connects with other useful apps like mostly google apps and other apps which are used in projects.

Here you can also set up custom automation for tasks and updates from teams. Other important features are listed below. 

Project Dashboard

An awesome dashboard is available in the Monday Project Management tool. They gather all data in one place and review data in the dashboard for all running projects with  All data are budget, schedule, goals, resources, and more.

Gantt Chart

In the Gantt chart, you can keep track of the schedule, the scope of the project, milestones, dependencies, and important metrics. That can help to deliver a project successfully. 

Workload View

The Project Manager or organization can track the workload of every team member included in the project. So that can help to manage teams and members based on workload and can easily assign work.


Dependencies can keep all stakeholders informed of when they are due to begin their part of the project and that can help stakeholders to keep updated on related projects. 

Advanced Integration

Monday is a project management software that provides the facility to integrate other platforms like Jira, Salesforce, and more to align teams. So you can continue the project on Monday even if you have data available on another platform.

Projects Templates

It has awesome project templates available for ready use. That can help to reduce time and you can select any template based on your requirement and start work on it. Their many pre-built templates are available.

Set up Custom Automation

It provides the best facility of automation process of every task assigned, complete, and work progress. You can set your custom automation process based on your own requirement or what you prefer. 

Enterprise-Grade Security

By using Monday, you can protect your data with users and teams. And it can be secure with HIPAA and GDPR certificates. So no need to worry about the security of data and projects. 


It has 5 memberships available based on usage. Every plan has some limitations in features. Those are

IndividualIt’s free forever till 2 users
Basic$6 per user/Month
Standard$12 per user/month
Pro$20 per user/month 
EnterpriseFor enterprise solutions, need to contact the sales team



Workzone is the Best Project Management Tool and it has many features available also you can integrate other apps into it. Workzone has also a powerful dashboard for the team. The features are listed below which are contained in the Workzone tool. 

Project Dashboard

Workzone has a good project dashboard facility. Where you can review all the tasks reports, departments, clients, and reviews. Also represented with graphs and charts in the dashboard. Project Dashboard can help everyone to get one page. 

Gantt Chart

Can view graphically your project schedules and process of tasks. By graphically you can analyze your data date wise and time-wise. 

Project Templates

Workzone also has many prebuilt templates for managing projects. And once you have completed your project then you can save your project as a template. So if you need a similar project again then you can use your existing template. Also have many templates available in it and it helps to save time. 

Workload Reports

You can generate workload reports of every team member and team working on the project. And also calculate hours of tasks from members who are under/on the project manager. And those reports can be generated in pdf and exported in excel. 

Task Dependencies

Most of the tasks in projects are dependent on each other. Likewise, the second task can be started once the first task is complete. So the second task’s start date is calculated automatically based on the first task’s progress and completion. This can work for all project management in Workzone. 

Group Calendar

The master calendar is available in Workzone project management software. Where all data can be shown like all task’s time and deadlines of the project. You can select any and can send reminders to members relayed to the timeline.

Approvals Workflow

Approval of any task and process is an important part of project management. Here in Workzone it generates an auto-link of approval and sends it to an appropriate member or project manager. So this process can save time to complete the project successfully. 


It’s protected by 256 bit SSL encryption which makes Workzone data secure. Also, there is the best feature available for users that Admin or project manager can give permission to access.

This means users of the team can access limited functions which are approved by the admin or project manager. So it is an important part of the security of data. 

API Integrations

Workzone is also open for integrating other applications like Slake, Google Apps, Calendar, Salesforce, and many more apps. 


It has 3 membership plans based on features available to use. Those 3 plans are 

Team$24 per user/month
Professional$34 per user/month
Enterprise$43 per user/month



Hive is a Project Management tool that helps complex tasks convert into simple processes and make project delivery successful. The features which are available in Hive are listed below. 

Unlimited Tasks and Projects  

In Hive no limitations of tasks in project management. Also, there are no limits to managing projects on it. You can assign and add many tasks in Hive to manage projects. 

Flexible Projects view

View projects and tasks in many ways which you prefer. Available views are listed below.

  • Status view
  • Team view
  • Calander
  • Label view
  • Gantt chart
  • Table view

Multi Projects Overview

An organization or company has multiple projects at a time. So there you can view multiple projects’ progress in one place. And can view deadlines, complete the time frame of every project in one place. So it can save your time to go for every project and see their progress.

Personal To-Do List

Hive provides a personal to-do list for tasks. That can help members to create to-do lists for themselves. And a member can manage tasks for him/herself. This is the best feature available in Hive for team members.

Agile Tracking

You can use the Agile points system and Gantt views for software project management. If your company works for software development then HIke can use it for managing your projects. 

Intake Forms

Hive provides many Intake forms. With them, it will be easy to collect data and store them. And also you will have the facility of creating custom forms for your team. Intake forms can be used for collecting order requests, submitting issues, capturing details, and more.


It is a developed app in

  • Windows application 
  • Mac application 


It has 3 pans based on features available to use. Those 3 memberships are 

Hive soloFree forever for 2 users
Hive Team$12 per user/month
Hive EnterpriseFor enterprise solutions, you need to contact the sales team for a custom plan.



In Trello Project Management Tool you can manage your project easily and can deliver it successfully on time.

This is also the best tool to use for managing projects. In this, you can also integrate other apps which are using you. Instead of using more than five apps to manage projects,

Trello tool is the best way to use to deliver projects successfully. It has many functions available which are listed below. 

Integrate top work tools

Trello has the same facility as other project management software provides a facility for integrating applications into it. Like Google Apps, Confluence, Slack, Dropbox, Evernote, etc.

No-code automation

Trello builds automation in work progress and tasks of projects. It automatically sets the deadline of tasks based on another task. It reduces the number of clicks in Project Management Software to manage all things. The automation process is an important part of Project Management. 

Choose View

It has multiple views available for reporting, analyzing data, and managing data. So you will have the option to select views that you prefer like list view, Gantt view, grid view, charts, etc. 

Trello Cards

Trello Cards can help for every single task to manage, track, and more. Break down bigger tasks into steps with file attachments, reminders, checklists, and more. By using your team can 

  • Manage deadlines 
  • Provide feedbacks
  • Assign tasks
  • Connect work across applications 


Trello also provides pre-built templates for every task and project. That can save time for completing a project successfully. It has hundreds of pre-built templates to start any tasks and project. 


It’s also a built-in mobile application. So users can easily manage data and enter him/her data from anywhere and at any time. And applications are built-in 

  • Android application 
  • iOS application


Trello has 4 Plans for its users. Users can select any plan based on their requirements, And move ahead with project management software.

Those are described below. 

FreeFree forever 
Standard$5 per user/month
Premium$10 per user/month
Enterprise$17.50 per user/month

Benefits of project management tools

  • Increase team efficiency 
  • Turbocharge Productivity 
  • Time tracking for every task
  • Manage global teams remotely 
  • More transparency in every project & task
  • Can easily manage software projects 
  • Much helpful to remote teams globally 
  • Improve planning of tasks and project
  • Easy file sharing and implementation 
  • Better collaboration with team members 
  • No need for coding knowledge 
  • Can save cost for complete project 
  • Easy reporting of every task and progress
  • And many more benefits of Project Management Softwares.

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