Top 6 POS System for Restaurant of 2022

The full form of the POS system is Point of Sale. It is a system used for every reseller’s points at the time of selling. There are thousands of POS System for Restaurant are available. And also for resellers.

What is a POS system?

POS system is a point of sale. This means the computer system used at the time of sale. This system generates a bill of the customer order at the time of sale. With the product, price, quantity, and total amount.

This system is also called a Billing system or Billing software. This system is the most useful for restaurants and other reseller points & shops. And if you are looking for bakery POS system then you can use specialize bakery POS.

These systems are available online and offline. Online pos software works as a website. And Offline works on the computer so offline software does not require the internet.

Here I am listing top rated best POS systems for restaurants. These systems are available to download in normal amounts. These are ready-made POS software so it costs one time. And you can use it for a lifetime.



Best Restaurant Management Software with Restaurant Website
Best Restaurant Management Software with Restaurant Website

Bhojon has an awesome restaurant management system available. For POS. It has Online and Offline both types of POS systems available. 

Great features of this Bhojon restaurant software are describes below with details.

Food Management 

In Products, the admin can add the foods based on category. Also can add variants of food and its price. The product list shows and can edit at any time.

At the time of adding also can add food serving unit and expiry date,


The manager can place an order from the POS system. Order can be with the food items, price, quantity, and total price. At the time of order placing manager can able to enter the table numbers and names of customers.

After completion, there bill printing facility available with a POS system. So we can also say this system is Restaurants Billing System. 


It’s a man feature available in this system. As explained in the order feature, the Manager can make place customer orders into the POS feature.

And this order with entering a food name, price, and quantity. After it has the facility to print a receipt of the bill.

Order Reports 

It generates all kinds of reports like total sales of the selected dates, week, and month. Also, reports are available of payments and earnings. Admin can see the top-selling dish and food.

These reports can be generated in PDF, Excel, and CSV format.


Customers can call and reserve their table for a selected time and date. This is an advanced feature available in this system. This feature helps to Restaurants Management system staff.


It has also an Accounting module available. So staff can enter expense easily. And admin can manage salaries of all staff. Also, the owner can set a commission for staff. These all things are calculated in accounting. 


It has an HRM module available. So HR can add staff and set them payroll amount. Also set can manage leaves and holidays for staff.

CMS Setting

It has a good facility to manage the front website. Frot website content and food menu set from CMS and that is managed from admin panel.

Offline POS system

This also provides an Offline pos system. If you need to download an offline pos system then you

Can contact to them. Contact option is available at more info/demo.


The online pos system is developed with Codeignitor framework with SQL database.

The offline system is developed in the .Net framework.

Bhojon pos has all the systems available which need to manage restaurants. So, we can also say Restaurants Management Software. Review live demo of this pos system for restaurant, you can visit more info /demo. Online POS costs $99.


iRestora Plus

Next Gen Restaurant POS
Next Gen Restaurant POS

iRestro is an awesome Restaurant POS Software available to download. It has much more advanced features are available in it. 

iRestora Plus is an advance level Restaurant Management System with Restaurant POS System.

Features of this system are described below. 

Very powerful POS system
Order status
Expense tracking 
Waste Tracking 
Stock Management 
Waiter app. (Add-on)
Table Management 
Profit-Loss Tracking 
Small CRM

It’s using the code ignitor framework and SQL database.

And much more functionality like users, role, cash register, SMS, and dashboard. It has all the features available for Restaurant Management Software. So iRestaro is the single system to manage restaurants. 

You can review the live demo to click on more info/demo. And also download from there for just $56. If you looking for a point of sale system with a restaurant management system then this is the best system for you.


Easy POS

Point of Sale
Point of Sale

Easy POS system is a Restaurant Management Solution with an advanced point of sale. It has a user-friendly design with a fully responsive layout. 

It has also much more functions available for point of sale. If you looking for only a restaurant pos system then this is the best system to use.

The features of this system are describes below. 

Advanced POS system
Food Management 
2 Design Available in system
Online Order Integration 
User Management 
Image Cropping functions 
User Permission 

It uses the Laravel framework using PHP with SQL database.

These are the available features in Easy POS. The name suggests itself that it’s a simple pos system for restaurants. It costs only $27 for a one-time purchase and uses for a lifetime.

For a live demo, you can visit more info/demo.



WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS)
WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS)

OpenPOS is a built-in WooCommerce platform. And it’s the most selling pos system available in code canyon. 2000+ users are using this pos system. 

This is not only a restaurant pos system. But it is a multi-purpose point of sale. It can be also used for grocery store pos systems. It also has a stock management facility available. 

Many functions are available in this pos system. Many more functions are also available which are not used in restaurants. If you looking for a general store pos system then this is also best for it. 

The features which are covered in this system are describes below.

WooCommerce Point of Sale  
Restaurant / Grocery mode
Offline Working mode
Barcode Scanner device
Multi Payment method
Smooth Working 
User Management 


These are the features available in this system. Also, some core features like bill print, tax, inventory are included in this.


It uses WooCommerce with SQL database.

And It’s beneficial even if you need more functions. Because WordPress provides plugins that can use for increased features.

Above are the features covered for use of the restaurant pos system. Also, other functions are available for the grocery store pos system. Because this is a multi-purpose pos system.

To review the live demo of this pos system you can visit more info/demo. It will cost only $64.


Restaurant Point of Sale


Restaurants Point of Sale is an offline system available for download. It’s used in a desktop application. No required internet access to use this system. 

This system is developed only for restaurant pos software. So it’s a specially pos system developed in advanced technology for restaurants.

Features of this system are describes below.  

Multi-store support
Touch Keyboard on screen
Receipt & Ticket print
Crystal ticket
Food Management 
Multi-Language supported 

It’s developed in a .C#,.NET framework with an SQL database. 

It is a desktop application used on computers or laptops. To review this system and see screenshots of the application you can visit for more info/demo. Also, you can download it from there is only $79.


Rest POS

Restaurant POS Win – RPW
Restaurant POS Win - RPW

Rest pos is specially developed for the restaurant pos system. It has all the features available based on restaurant management. 

This system supports multi restaurants pos system. If you have multi branches and looking for software solutions for restaurants as pos then this system is the best for you. 

Available features are describes below if this website pos system. 

POS System
Support Multiple locations 
Website online orders integrated 
Food Management 
Kitchen display


It’s developed in C#ASP.NET with SQL database. It’s a web-based application. 

So, above are the features available in restaurant pos website software. For more details and lice preview please visit more info /demo. And also you can download it from there is only $89

Benefits of POS system for restaurants. 

  • It saves the time of restaurant staff
  • Billing can be easy 
  • No chances of mistakes in calculation 
  • Calculate tax easily 
  • Supports Indian GST tax and also other countries 
  • Easily generate reports for sales 
  • Easy to search best-selling food report 
  • Accounting can be easy with the expense 
  • Online website order can be integrated directly into the pos system 
  • Easy to track food stock
  • Can manage discounts easily in billing


POS Software for Restaurants is really benefiting nowadays. Some POS systems are available with much more functionalities. So if you don’t want to use another system then this pos system is best.

Because it can manage the whole restaurant with a single software. This system is also called the Restaurant Management System.

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