Top 10 Online Appointment Booking System – Editor Choice

Nowadays in the digital world, people are very busy. And have no time for waiting at any service provider stores and offices. Also, business owners and service providers are busy with their work. And have no time to respond to every person at a single time. 

So there is the best option is to book an appointment for any kind of work. You can book an appointment by calling. There is the best option is to use the Online Appointment Booking system. instead, call booking to any kind of service. 

I am going to write this article for online appointment booking software and systems. Which are available and you can use them the easy way at a very low cost. So first let me describe the appointment booking system.

What is an Online Appointment Booking System?

It means booking an appointment from users by the website or mobile application. This means users can see any services on the website or mobile application. Users can review appropriate available slots for booking. And confirm the booking at a suitable time with their name and number. And appointment takers will receive booked slots by users. We can say this system is an online appointment booking system or software.

Who needs an online appointment booking system?

Various service providers and hospitals need an online appointment booking system. Those are likewise.

  • Hospitals 
  • Doctors & clinics 
  • Lawyers 
  • Government offices  
  • Spa and salons 
  • Repair centers
  • Any service providers 
  • Personal meetings 

These are the common who needs online booking systems. 

Prons of the online booking system.

  • The most benefit is saving the time for the user
  • Users can select the appropriate time for booking 
  • Appointment taker can schedule their availability 
  • Also can see reports of appointments 
  • Users can also pay online for an appointment 

And now I am going to list the best online appointment booking systems. Which are available to use at a normal amount of cost. You can buy it once and use it for a lifetime in your own domain and hosting. And it cost under $99. Below are the top hand-picked online booking systems.

10 Best Online Appointment Booking Systems.

  1. Bookly PRO
  2. Booked
  3. BookMe
  4. LatePoint
  5. gAppointments 
  6. Amelia
  7. Calendarista Premium
  8. Book an Appointment online PRO
  9. Aoxio- SaaS
  10. WooTour

Below are the descriptions of each online booking system. 


Bookly PRO

Online Appointment Booking System
Bookly PRO Online Appointment Booking System

Bookly PRO is a WordPress Plugin. It is an appointment booking and scheduling software system. This plugin is used to book appointments online from website users. And website owners can manage the appointments. 

There is also another bookly plugin available. But once you purchased the Bookly PRO plugin then no need for a bookly plugin. This system provides a booking form in front of the website. And in the backend owner can manage the appointments from users.

How to use Bookly PRO?

First, need to design a WordPress website. You can use WordPress themes to design a wordpress website. Because to use a theme there is no need for coding knowledge. 

After setup the WordPress website, you can download the Bookly PRO plugin and install it. It’s easy to set up. After you can enter services and schedules with a price.

Then your website will be ready as an appointment booking system. This website will have a frontend appointment form for users. And in backend appointment management wizard.

And here is a list of functions that are available in admin or backend. 

  • Manage unlimited staff
  • add/edit/delete service 
  • Assign service to appropriate staff 
  • Add schedules of availability 
  • Manage appointment slots 
  • Appointment management
  • Add holidays  
  • Get user appointment reports
  • Customer management 
  • Payment reports 
  • Staff reports 
  • Manage colors and appointment forms in the frontend 

And the other basic features of this Bookly PRO are below. 

  • Customizable booking form 
  • Searchable booking list 
  • Unlimited staff members 
  • Unlimited services
  • Multi colors 
  • Email and SMS notifications 
  • Online payment gateways 
  • User-friendly admin panel 
  • Mobile friendly backend 
  • Google calendar 
  • Switch calendar view 
  • Multi-language 

And many more basic features which need in an online booking system or software.

This appointment software or plugin also has add-ons available. And those are below likewise.

  • Service management add-on
  • Customer management add-ons
  • Customization add-ons
  • eCommerce add-ons 
  • Promo tools and add-ons
  • Integration add-ons 

You can choose add-ons as per your requirements. So if you prefer a WordPress appointment booking system then this plugin is best for you. It costs only $89. And to review more details check more info/download.




The Booked is also a WordPress appointment booking add-on. Or we can say online booking system plugin available in WordPress. It is a very simple add-on for managing appointment booking websites. 

This plugin is designed for WooCommerce’s special niche. It has the facility to make payments with WooCommerce. 

The booked plugin also provides frontend and backend functions for appointments. It has the same booking form for users as bookly has. And some features are available in the backend. But this is a very simple plugin for an online appointment booking system. 

How to use Booked Plugin for an online booking system?

Booked is also a WordPress plugin. So first you will need a WordPress website or WooCommerce store. Where you can direct install Booked plugin and manage appointments and users. This plugin is very simple and very easy to use. Also, no need for coding knowledge to use this appointment booking WordPress plugin.

The core features of this Booked system are below likewise. 

  • Many calendars 
  • Booking agents
  • Guest bookings 
  • Custom time slots for scheduling from admin
  • Custom fields in booking forms 
  • Front end calendar shortcode 
  • Appointment management calendar 
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customer profile 

You can review more details and see screenshots of this plugin or system. By checking more info/download. Also, you can download it from there for only $49.




The BookMe is also a WordPress appointment booking scheduling plugin available to download. It is available in codecanyon and its cost is $39. And you can use it for a lifetime.

This plugin is a multipurpose appointment booking & scheduling plugin. So you can use this plugin for any kind of booking. 

BookMe is easy to use and install. Its interface is user-friendly for users. And easy to customizable by the website owner. Users can make quickly booking with this plugin.

How to use BookMe?

BookMe plugin is used in WordPress websites. On the wordpress website, you can install this plugin with a single click. And start using online booking and scheduling functionality. 

It has similar functions as the above plugins. Like frontend booking form for users. And backend panel for managing appointments for the owner.  

Below are the basic core functions available in this BookMe WordPress plugin.

  • Frontend booking form
  • Customizable booking form
  • Online payment processor
  • Powerful admin panel 
  • Bookings management in admin
  • Calendar view 
  • Time zone management for different zones
  • Multipurpose bookings
  • Form builder
  • Fully translatable 
  • SMS and Email notifications
  • Cart system
  • Google calendar

Review all details with the above functions of the BookMe plugin. By checking more info/download.




The LatePoint is also an appointment booking and reservation WordPress plugin. This plugin has similar functionality as the above plugins. It is also an easy installation process and easy to use.

Also, we can say online booking software for WordPress. It has frontend booking available once you install this plugin. And also in the backend, it provides appointment management in an easy way. And many customizations are available in the backend admin panel.

How to use LatePoint?

LatePoint is used in WordPress websites like the above plugins. First, you will need a WordPress website setup. Then you can install this plugin to start booking functions on the website. The installation process of this plugin is very simple.

One advanced feature available in this plugin is creating an automatic zoom meeting. It creates auto-zoom meetings on time of booked appointment. And that zoom meet shows to customers and agents on their dashboard. 

The basic core features of this LatePoint plugin are below.

  • Automatic Zoom meeting 
  • Payment processor
  • Live chat with customers 
  • Frontend booking form
  • Customizable booking form 
  • Backend dashboard
  • SMS notification and reminder
  • Customer dashboard 
  • Setting holidays & custom schedule 
  • Multi-level categories 
  • Quickly edit booking from customers 
  • Great dashboard

Review more details of this LatePoint plugin by checking more info/download. Also, you can download it from there.




The gAppointments is an appointment booking addon for gravity forms. And gravity forms is a wordpress system. So this addon is also used in WordPress websites. 

If you are using gravity forms on your website. And if you planning to add appointment booking on your website. Then this gAppointments is the best addon for you.

This add-on has all the features which need in online appointment booking software. Or system. It also provides frontend booking forms and a backend panel for owners. Backend panel for management of appointments. 

The basic features of this gAppointment addon are below.

  • Online and offline payments 
  • Works with gravity perks
  • Frontend booking form 
  • Customizable booking form 
  • Advance admin panel
  • Powerful appointment management 
  • Calendar supports 
  • SMS notification by the SMS gateway
  • Auto confirm appointments 
  • Mobile responsive 

Review more details of this addon by checking more info/download. And also you can download this addon from there.




Amelia is an enterprise-level appointment booking WordPress plugin. Also, we can say as an appointment booking system. It is available to download from codecanyon. This plugin is costly as per the above appointment systems. It costs $299 for lifetime use. And also it provides good support for this plugin.

Amelia is also a WordPress plugin. So if you like to use this plugin for online appointments then a WordPress website is necessary. After simple, you can download this plugin and configure it on the website. And your booking system will start working.

It is a next-generation online appointment booking software. And it is built with the latest technology and supports WordPress. 

An easily manageable calendar is available in this WordPress plugin. It has a frontend and backend online booking system available. In the front booking form is available. And in the backend admin can manage appointments.

The basic features of this Amelia online booking system are below.

  • Create custom events for booking 
  • SMS notifications 
  • Zoom integration for meeting 
  • Customer panel 
  • Many services with multi-category
  • Different locations for services 
  • Can use for multipurpose 
  • Manageable calendar 
  • Online payments 
  • Step-by-step booking wizard 

These are the core feature of this WordPress appointment plugin. And also contains all the basic features which need for online booking systems. To review more details you can visit more info/download.


Calendarista Premium


This is a WP reservation booking and appointment booking plugin. And scheduling booking system. It is used for online booking systems and reservations for any kind of service. 

It is a WordPress plugin so there needs a WordPress website to use this plugin. If you are going to start an appointment booking system on your website. Then the website must be in WordPress. Then you can install this plugin easy way by a single click. And your online appointment booking functions will start working.

The price of this booking plugin is $79. You can download it once and use it for a lifetime. It contains all the functions which are needed in online booking software. 

The basic features of this Calendaristaa Premium plugin are below likewise.

  • Reservation & appointments 
  • Frontend booking form 
  • Start date end date for reservation
  • WPML supports 
  • Backend panel 
  • Advance admin panel 
  • Booking management in the backend 
  • Supports WooCommerce 
  • Seasonal rates support 
  • GDPR ready
  • Public calendar 
  • Unlimited seats 

And other basic features are available in WordPress. Review more details of this Calendarista plugin by checking more info/download.


Book an Appointment online PRO

Online Appointment Booking System

The book an appointment online PRO is a WordPress plugin. And it is available for online bookings and online meetings. Also, you can use this plugin for video conferencing.

The cost of this plugin is $79. And you can use this plugin WordPress website for a lifetime.

It’s a WordPress plugin. So if you are planning to use an online booking system and online meeting on your website. Then you can use the WordPress website and install this plugin.

This plugin is easy to install and manage. Also, online payment processors are available in this plugin. If you are an online teacher or guide then this plugin is also best for you.

It has backend and frontend functions available. Which functions need in online appointment software. And provide the best booking management in the backend panel to the website owner.

The basic features of this WordPress plugin are below.

  • Payment processors 
  • WooCommerce
  • Multi-select services
  • Multi locations 
  • SMS and Email notification 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Multilingual
  • 2 different frontend theme 
  • Coupon codes 
  • Register and login customers 
  • Appointment calendar 
  • Mobile-friendly design

See more details of this appointment booking system by checking more info/download.


Aoxio- SaaS

Aoxio- SaaS

The Aoxio is a multi-business service booking software. This is online software different from than above plugins. This is not a plugin. But this is a system itself.

Aoxio is developed in PHP with a codeignitor framework. You can use this software in your own domain and hosting. It cost $59 and you can use it for a lifetime. 

How to use Aoxio?

Simple you can download this system. And get your own domain and best hosting. After uploading this system to your hosting and domain. Also, you can change your own logo and some content. And your system is ready to use on your domain.

Also, it’s a SaaS system. So if you have many businesses then this single system is enough for booking. Or also if you want to start a business with online appointment booking software. Then this system is best. Also, you will not need coding knowledge to use this system. 

In this users can register to start using their own booking system. And in the backend admin can review user’s booking and their payouts. And users can manage their own bookings and customers. It has pricing plans for users who need to register for the booking system.

The basic functions of the Aoxio PHP system are below. 

  • SaaS system
  • Online payments 
  • Synchronize with google calendar 
  • Powerful admin dashboard 
  • Pricing plans for users 
  • Advanced settings for users 
  • Light & dark mode
  • RTL support and multilingual
  • Twilio interaction 
  • Frontend appointment booking forms 
  • Dashboard for users and admin
  • Customer portal 
  • Responsive and mobile design 

See a live demo of this web software by checking more info/download.

< class="mt0 mb0">WooTour>

The WooTour is a WooCommerce Travel and tour booking system. It is a WordPress booking plugin. And it’s used in tours and travels booking niche. Means a special wordpress plugin for tours and revels online booking.

Also, you can use this plugin for appointment booking. Because it has all the functions available. Which are needed for online booking systems.

How to use WooTour?

WooTour is a WordPress plugin. So first you will need a WordPress website. And if you don’t have a WordPress website then you can also use WordPress themes. And can design the best website using WooCommerce without coding knowledge. After completion of the website, you can download this plugin and install it. And your online booking systems will start working. 

It has a great booking system you can use in WooCommerce. And it has 3 options to add price. For adults, children,  and infants. It has all the features available that you will need for travel booking.

The basic features of this WooTour plugin are below. 

  • WooCommerce support 
  • Booking form
  • Powerful admin panel 
  • Coupon system
  • Many payment modes 
  • Daily, weekly, and special day booking 
  • PDF support
  • WPML compatibility
  • WPBakery support
  • Email notification 

You can review more details of this WooTour plugin by checking more info/download.


By reviewing the above online booking appointment software. We can conclude that WordPress plugins are the best. Also there some systems are available in PHP with codeignitor or laravel framework. If you use a WordPress website then using Plugin is the best way. You can check the above plugins and choose any best which fits you.

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