10 Best Fleet Management Software – 2022

Nowadays fleet management software is necessary for huge companies. Because that helps to track every vehicle and manage drivers. So there are too many companies available that provide fleet solutions. And they provide devices and software for fleet management solutions.

So we can say it a fleet management software. 

If you are an owner of a huge company and a company related to transportation. Then you must use fleet management software/system to manage the fleet.

You can keep track records of routes. And manage drivers for your transportation fleet. And you can also have used fuel reports in the fleet management system. So, there are hundreds of companies providing fleet management systems. You can choose the best which fits your company.
What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is a combination of GPS devices and software. Where GPS device is attached with vehicle and software keep records of it. Also, drivers can use the mobile application instead of a GPS device. So the system tracks the route of the vehicle and manages drivers and fuel reports. That is called fleet management software. Or we can say fleet management system.

Who needs fleet management software?

Fleet management software is necessary for a huge company. That is working for transportation. Likewise, the following sectors need a fleet management system.

  • Transportation company
  • Tours & Travels company 
  • Waste management 
  • Hospitals
  • Airports 

Above sectors need fleet management software to manage their fleet.

How does fleet management software work?

To manage the fleet there needs a GPS device that attaches to the vehicle. And that device keeps a track record of routes. And those all data track in a computer system. Also, drivers have mobile applications that help to manage drivers for each vehicle.  

What is the use of a fleet management system or software?

The main purpose to use a fleet management system or system is to manage transportation. And using fleet management you can track records of each vehicle. And records with vehicle route, driver, timing, and fuel. So this is the main use of the fleet management system. 

Here we are going to list handpicked best Fleet Management software that you can take a look at. And choose which best fits you. 

Here below are the detailed description of each software.

Fleet Management Software and Maintenance System

Fleetio is the number one fleet management software for managing a fleet easily. It is developed with the latest technology and is easy to use. Fleetio manages many roles related to the fleet. This is one platform that has all the solutions related to the fleet. 

It is an automated fleet management system and easy for all users. It keeps all the details and helps with communication between staff members. Staff members like fleet manager, owner, vendor, drivers, and admin. 

It has the great features of user roles and their permission. So users can log in from anywhere because it’s a web-based fleet management system. And every user can work remotely as a team player. 

Thousands of companies are using fleet management systems or tools. And they gave great feedback to this fleet. Also, many huge companies are using this system.

The following services are available from fleetio

  • Fleet management 
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Fuel management 
  • Equipment management 
  • Parts & inventory
  • Issue management 
  • Asset assignment 
  • Reporting 
  • Mobile application
  • GPS and telematics
  • Fuel cards 

So fleetio provides the above services for any company. It looks like a one-stop solution for the fleet. 

Fleetio has many more features available to manage fleets. Those features are below likewise.

  • Asset management 
  • VIN decoding 
  • Vehicle assignment 
  • Vehicle location history 
  • Fleet operation reports 
  • The total cost of ownership
  • Fleet dashboard 
  • Fleet vehicle lifecycle 

Automate maintenance and handle services

  • Preventative maintenance schedule
  • Issue management 
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance vendor network
  • Buy order
  • Service history
  • Inventory & parts
  • Service history 
  • Work order

Also, it supports integrating with other systems. It can support to below systems.

  • GPS and telematics integration
  • Fuel card integration
  • Contact management 
  • User roles & permission
  • Mobile app
  • Developer API
  • Notifications 

Fleetx: Best Fleet Management Software in India

Fleetx is also the best fleet management system. It also provides many quality services to fleet management. Many big companies are already using this fleet management service. Because it is also the best system and easy to manage. 

It provides fleet management solutions and manufacturing solutions. 

Following are the manufacturing solutions. 

  • Vendor collaboration 
  • Transport management 
  • Cargo theft 
  • Drive management 
  • Fleet management solutions
  • Unmanned weighbridge

Below are the fleet management solutions. 

  • Real-time tracking 
  • Maintenance 
  • Reporting and alerts
  • Scheduling and routing
  • Inventory management 
  • Driver behavior 

Fleetx support many industries. Below is the list of industries they support 

  • Food and beverages 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Cement and steel 
  • Cold chain
  • Passenger transit 
  • Construction 
  • Transport and logistics 
  • E-commerce

And below are the services which provide by fleetx.

  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Scheduling and routing
  • Reporting and alerts
  • Fleet maintenance 
  • Driver behavior analytics and safety
  • Driver management and electronic POD
  • AIS-140 certified devices

So, above are the services provided by fleetx.io. And you can choose fleetx.io if it fits your requirements. 




The Avrios is also the best fleet management software to use. If you are a transport-related company. Then you can check this fleet management system. It has all the features you need to manage your fleet. 

Too many companies are also using this Avrious fleet management system. It provides many products to manage the fleet. It is also a very easy fleet management system and user-friendly.

So all users of the system can manage easily their data. 

Avrios help you to manage the following things for the fleet. 

  • Fleet data management makes easy
  • Maintain compliance in a few simple steps
  • Avrios marketplace increase buying power
  • Reduce efforts
  • Advanced reporting

Benefits of Avrios fleet management system.

  • Reduce fleet costs
  • Access reporting in real-time 
  • Knows environment impact
  • Automate information and process
  • Saves time 
  • Best supports 

The following products are provided by Avrios.

  • Management of data
  • Processes and workflow
  • Damage management 
  • Compliance
  • Insights and reporting 
  • Avrios workflow

You can review more details and all functions. If you prefer this Avrios fleet management system then you can use it for your company. Also, you can request a demo free of cost. 

Fleet Tracking and Management

The MyGeotab is also the best fleet management software. MyGeotab also provides all the functions which need to manage the fleet. 

This system help in following fleet management solutions.

  • Productivity
  • Fleet optimized solutions 
  • Safety
  • Sustainability 
  • Compliance 
  • Expandability 

Using the Geotab and dashcam are the best solutions for the fleet. Because it also provides a dashcam facility. 

Following are the products provides by the Geotab fleet management system.

  • Geotab go device
  • MyGeotab
  • Camera and video solutions 
  • Software packages 
  • Data and analytics

Above are the products supports by the Geotab system. Before using this system you can request a demo. They provide demos free of cost. You can check more info for all details and request a demo.

India's Best Transport Management Software

The TransTrack is also the best fleet management software in India. This company is located in India. And it is the number one fleet management solution provider in India. TransTrack provides all the functions. Which are needed for fleet management systems in India. 

It provides the following best transport management solutions in India.

  • Fleet management 
  • User role management 
  • Financial accounting 
  • Transport 
  • Logistics module 
  • Driver management 
  • Repair history
  • Parts and inventory 
  • Document management system 
  • Dashboard 

Benefits of using TransTrack

  • PAN global services 
  • Dedicated support 
  • Great transport domain knowledge 
  • ISO certified 
  • Flexibility and quick response 
  • Using advance technology 

It provides the best GPS tracking system for transportation. You can schedule a demo to check this fleet management system. The demo of TransTrack is free of cost. You can see more details by checking more info.

AUTOsist - Simple Fleet Maintenance Software

The Autosist is also the best simple fleet management software. It also provides the best solution for fleet maintenance. No need to use spreadsheets and all to maintain the fleet. If you looking for maintenance of fleet then you must look to this system. And if you like this system then start using their plan for managing and maintaining the fleet. 

This system has got awarded as the best fleet management system in 2022. 

Features of this Autosist are below likewise.

  • Service history
  • Inspections 
  • Work order 
  • Fuel tracking 
  • Parts inventory
  • User management 
  • Trip log
  • Document management 
  • Custom reports 

It also has mobile applications available. And the application is available on android and iOS. The features of the mobile applications are below. 

  • Centralize fleet 
  • Manage issues 
  • Custom inspection checklist 
  • Track fuel usage 
  • Manage documentations 

You can also schedule a demo of Autosisi. They provide a live demo free of cost. You can check more info to request a demo.

Fleet Management Solutions

The Chevin fleet is also an award-winning fleet management software. And it is a cloud-based fleet management system. Chevin provides all the functions which need to manage the huge fleet. And it is very easy to use for every user of the company. 

Below are the products of the Chevin fleet. 

  • Fleet wave overview
  • Reporting and automation
  • Form builder
  • Workshop management 
  • Integrations

And the below are the functions available in Chevin.

  • Centralize fleet management 
  • Accessible admin
  • Mobilize your team
  • Shared access
  • Instant analysis 
  • Supercharge scaling 
  • Simple reports 
  • Set notifications 
  • Central system

Chevin serves in many industries. These industries are listed below.

  • Constructions 
  • Charities 
  • Private enterprise
  • Emergency services 
  • Fleet management services 
  • Food industries 
  • Government 
  • Transport industry
  • Waste management 

So, if you are looking for a fleet management solution then you must look at this Chevin. You can try the free demo and if it fits your company, use this fleet software.

Truck Tracking and Tracking Devices

The Track Your Truck is also the best fleet management software. It is specially developed for GPS tracking of vehicles. But it also provides a wide range of fleet management solutions. So you can also take a look at track your truck software. It is mostly used as a GPS tracking system for trucks and other all kinds of vehicles. 

Benefits of using Track Your Truck.

  • Control fuel waste
  • Stop speeding 
  • Track driver behavior
  • Simple truck tracking services 
  • Product warranties 
  • Best supports 
  • Customized GPS solutions

Following GPS devices are available in Track Your Truck.

  • Premium GPS plug-in vehicle tracker
  • GPS trailer tracker
  • Premium electronics log devices 
  • Equipment tracker
  • Premium GPS vehicle tracker 
  • Dashcams

And the features of Track Your Truck fleet tracking software are below.

  • NetTrack GPS mapping software
  • Efficient dispatching 
  • Automate preventative maintenance 
  • Track speeding 
  • Fleet tracking app
  • Driver reporting 
  • Fleet activity reporting 
  • Real-time alerts
  • Integration with other systems

Track your truck provides solutions in the below industries.

  • Auto glass repair and replacement companies
  • Concrete companies
  • Electric companies 
  • Food supply company 
  • Garbage trucks
  • Landscaping companies 
  • Local government companies 
  • Oil service company
  • Plumbing companies 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Delivery vehicles. 

So, as per the above overview of track your truck GPS and fleet management solutions. You can try the demo for your company. And if you like this system then start using this software and system. You can check more info. To contact them and request a demo. 

GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking & Management Systems

The GoFleet is also the best fleet management solution available. It provides fleet management tools for every industry. It is also easy to use and user-friendly so each user can manage easy way. 

GoFleet also provides a free trial before you start plans of it. So you can try a free trial of GoFleet and check fleet solutions. If it fits your company then you can start using GoFleet.

GoFleet provides the below solutions to every industry.

  • Camera and AI
  • Routing and dispatch
  • Assets monitoring 
  • Fuel and maintenance 
  • Driver training 
  • Indoor tracking 
  • Driver applications
  • Telematics platform 

It is available for the following industries. 

  • Transport industry
  • Garbage collections 
  • Airports 
  • Hospitals 
  • Food transport 
  • Delivery 
  • Agriculture
  • Public transport 
  • School transport
  • Delivery industry

Benefits of using GoFleet.

  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Expandability 
  • Maintenance 
  • Artificial intelligence 

So, GoFleet is the best solution for managing the fleet of every industry as described above. You can check more info for check demo. And also you can contact them. 

Live GPS Fleet Tracking Software Solutions

The GPS trackit is GPS fleet tracking software. It is also the best fleet management software available to use. GPS trackit is very easy to use and user-friendly software so employees can manage it easily. It is also available for most industries. Who use transportations for their own company. 

Below are the products provides by the GPS trackit.

  • Fleet management 
  • Video telematics
  • Asset tracking
  • ELD
  • Field service management 

Industries they serve.

  • Delivery 
  • Field service 
  • Constructions 
  • Distribution 
  • Public transport 
  • Rentals 
  • Trucking and transport 
  • Government and public sectors

Benefits of using GPS trackit.

  • Reduce fuel expense
  • Increase productivity 
  • Lower payroll costs 
  • Protect your fleet

You can contact them by checking for more info. Also you can request for quote as per your usage by contacting them. 


If any company or organization which are using most transportation. Using a fleet management system is a wise decision. If you are among them and looking for fleet management software solutions.

You must look at this article and review the best fleet management systems. And you can finalize any system which fits your company or organization.

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