Top 6 Employee Management System 2022

In the technology world using a computer is a smart way to work. In a company or organization, there is an available huge number of employees. So to manage that employee with all the details is necessary. So I am writing this article related to the Employee management system.

What is an employee management system?

What is an employee management system?

The employee Management system is one kind of computer system or software. That computer system help to manage employee data. Likewise employee workout, goals, attendance, payout, and achievements.

So these all tasks sone at a system in a computer that is called employee management system. Or we can say employee management software.

That computer system is available offline and online. You can use based on your requirements. If employees work at different places then an online system is best. If all employee works at a single place then you can use an offline system. And if you would like to use full project management system. Then you can check best project management tools.

Why need to use an employee management system?

To use pen and paper for records of all employee data is a very hard and time taking process. Instead of paperwork easy to use a computer system to manage employee data. In a computer system, data can store securely forever and keep perfect records. So it’s better to use employee management software to manage data and records. 

Here I am going to list the top online employee management systems which will run in your own domain. And you can choose any best hostings and upload them to use for your company. 



Worksuit is the best employee management and business management software available to download. It provides HR solutions, CRM systems, and project management with employee management.

The Worksuit has many features available except employee management. It has many functions to manage the business with employees. So we can also say this system is a Business Management System. 

Here I am going to list all the features which are included in this online system.


First, add all employees to this software. Then it has an attendance facility available. Where it captures time in and time out of each employee. Also, it covers location restrictions and IP tracking. This is an important part of employee management software.


Different leaves quota is available for employees. Likewise paid leaves and unpaid leaves. Also, the admin can make custom leaves for employees. 


Good features are available as messaging. Admin can directly communicate with each employee via message. And also employees can message one to one each other.  


Admin can set a date of events in the calendar and notify all employees. Also, the facility is available to customize events personally. 

Tasks & Projects

This employee management software also can work as project management. Because it has the facility to manage tasks and projects. Likewise, the admin can create tasks and assign employees to complete that tasks. Also the same is tracking project progress and graphical report of projects. 


An employee can send invoices to the customers. And keep records of all the payments and invoices. Also, a recurring invoice facility is available in this system


Same as invoices, employees can send estimates of products or projects to clients. And keep a record of sending estimates.


It has the best features of tickets from customers. A ticket panel is available where all the tickets are shown. And those tickets are open and closed. Also, the facility assigns employees tickets.


All kind of report generation facility is available. Like attendance reports, leaves reports, and payout reports for employees. And also tasks and projects reports can generate. These reports are generated in PDF and CSV files.

Custom role permission 

Admin has access to giving roles to each employee. And each employee has limited permission to access the software or system. So each employee will work based on their access from the admin.

Customer panel

Also, a customer panel facility is available. Where customers can sign e-signature of contracts and get updates on the projects.

Payment Gateway 

It is available with a payments gateway. And these gateways are stripe, Paypal, haystack, Razorpay, and PayFast.

SAAS Version 

So if you are looking to start a business for employee management software. Then this is the best option for you. You can get this version and start a business on it.

You can review this system demo by checking more info/download. If you like this management system then you can download this.



The Workday is a time clock web-based application for employees. This means we can say employee management software. It has all the features available which need in the human resource management system. 

An awesome feature is available in this software is RFID clock in and out for employees. By using the RFID system, it records the exact in & out time of employees. That is the best feature of the attendance management system. This exact time entry can export and it helps in the payroll of employees. Workday is a time-tracking focus application.

This system is developed in the Laravel framework. Here below are the functions covered in this employee management system

Attendance and Time management 
Employee management
Web time tracker 
Shift management 
Leave management 
Unlimited employee accounts 
Employee role and permission
Employee & manager self-services 

You can review this system live demo by checking more info/download. Also, you can download this system from there if you like it. And just select any shared hosting & free domain to use for your company.




The HRSALE is the ultimate HRM management system available to download. It provides a powerful human resource management system at a low cost. There you can update the HR team at any time and also employees. 

It has all the functions which require to manage employees and the HR department. Any HR can manage them work from anywhere because it’s an online system. Also, it provides the generation of reports for employees and HR. also it provides good payroll systems.

Below are the functions included in this employee management system.

Inventory management 
Multi user 
SAAS version
Employee roles & permission 
Attendance management 
Leaves management 
Projects management 
Item text

You can review the live demo with the above functions by checking more info/download. Also, you can download the system if you like the features and design. 

Employee Attendance Management System

Employee attendance management system

The Employee attendance management system is specially developed for the attendance niche. It has many more functions for attendance and its reports. This system has the capability to manage 10k+ users in the system.

It has a great dashboard that shows all information with graphical representation. Admin can generate real-time reports of employee attendance and leaves. Holidays can be set by the admin. Also, the admin can approve and reject the leaves of employees. 

Here below are the functions of this system.

IP address blocking for employee
Auto punch out for employees
Live to message with employees
Calendar reports
Real-time tracking

Review this system by visiting for more info/download. If you are looking for attendance software then that is the best option for you.

HR Manager

HR Manager (bdtask)

The HR manager is responsive and perfect HRM management system. Or we can say employee management system. Also, It is developed in the Codeignitor framework. It covers all the functions which need for HR management. 

This system is developed for office management and employee management. This system has also included accounts management and assets management. 

Also, mobile applications are available for this system. But it’s not included in this price. It will cost around $49 extra. Here below are the functions of this system. 

Accountants and charts 
Attendance management 
Loan systems
Employee roles & permissions
Employee award systems
Mobile application

Review live demo with the above features by checking more info/download. 



PayDay is an HRM solution available to download. It is a modern and dynamic HRM solution. It is keeping and maintaining good relationships with employees. also, this keeps all track records of employees. Also, it maintains payroll management for employees. 

It is developed in Larvel frameworks. And have the best HRM module available on PayDay. Below are key features of this PayDay HRM solution.

Employee management system
Attendance management 
Holiday & leaves 
Shift management 
Best dashboards 
User and role permissions 
More settings 

Review live demo with the above awesome features by visiting for more info/download. 



Yes, the WorkTick is also an HRM and Project management tool available to download. So we can say employee management system. 

This system is developed in laravel framework. And it has a great reporting system available. Admin can generate reports in PDF and CSV files for each record of employees. 

With human resources, it has the facility to manage tasks and Projects easy way. With these all things, it has also an accounting module available. Multi-language is supported in this system and with responsive design. The functions of this WorkTick system are below likewise. 

Project management 
Task management 
HRM management
Awesome dashboards with graphs 
Many options in settings 

You can review the live demo of this WorkTick system to visit more info/download it. 

If you are a small company or organization and looking for employee management software. Then before spending thousands of dollars to develop the system, you can take a look at these systems. These systems can be completed for under $99. And this type of system will be your own on your domain.

Benefits of using an employee management system.

There are too many benefits to using an employee management system. Below are those benefits.

Easily track attendance records of employee
Manage  leave reports 
Track and apply holidays
Easy to manage payroll
Easy way to manage HRM
Track easily the performance of the employee
Can get more output of works 
Employees can achieve goals 
Easy way to manage HRM

And also many more. So it’s best to use an online system for companies or organizations.

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