How to Create a Website for Free – With Planning

Developers and IT companies are charging thousands of dollars. To create a simple website and eCommerce website. Here we are going to start a free service for simple website designs. So many people or companies can contact us and we will create a website for free for them. Also, we will create an eCommerce website free of cost.

There simple terms will be available using our free website design service. The term is that people or companies will need to purchase a one-year hosting plan. And the hosting plan will be from Hostgator, hosting, or Bluehost. Because we have a partnership with them. And belong to it we are providing the service for creating a website for free.

Also, we will create an eCommerce website free of cost. The eCommerce website will be in WooCommerce and set all the things which are needed for an online store. So instead of spending thousands of dollars on IT companies. We will create an eCommerce website free of cost.

Also, another benefit is we will suggest the free domain with a one-year hosting plan. SO you will need to just purchase a hosting plan and will get a domain free with it. So you will also save your domain cost.

The main thing is we will create a free website for you. And the cost of this website design is zero. You will need only one year of hosting and the domain will be free with it.

How to create a website for free?

To create a free website, you can simply contact the control team. Via WhatsApp number +91 8469334931. And you can purchase a one-year hosting what they suggest. And within 2 days they will design a free website for you. You will need to provide your company info, logo, and content.

How to create an eCommerce website for free with themecontrol?

Simple as you can contact to themecontrol team via provided WhatsApp number. And share your details of the online store. simple you can purchase the one-year hosting plan that they suggest. And within 3 days your online store will be ready.

Does there any hidden charge in free website design?

No, there are not any hidden charges for designing a free website with themecontrol. You will just need to buy a hosting plan for one year. And they will start designing a website for you free of cost. And also they suggest the free domain so even you do need to pay for domain charge.

Which type of free website will be created?

Themecontrol creates a free website for a simple website. Also, eCommerce website, dropshipping store, and portfolio website.

Which type of free eCommerce website will be?

For eCommerce websites, themecontrol design WooComweerce stores. Also, they can help if you would like to design dropship stores at low cost or free. They will use WooCommerce to design your eCommerce store for free.

The domain will be free with the one-year hosting plan?

Yes, of course. Themecontrol will suggest the free domain with a one-year hosting plan. So you will need to pay only for one year hosting plan. And your website will be ready in the hosting plan. Cost.

What will be the process to use a free website design service?

There is not any process to use this free service. You will need to buy the one-year hosting plan that they suggest. And you will have to provide your content, logo, and images. And they will design a free website for you.

How do proceed with creating a website for free?

Simple you can contact on WhatsApp number which is provided below. And they will request you to buy a free domain and hosting plan. Then the team will start working on designing a free website for you.

Following types of websites, we will create free of cost for you.

Simple informative website

In a simple informative website, they will create 7 to 8 pages of the website. These pages will contain all the information about the company or personnel. And also the website will be on the WordPress platform. So you will be able to edit content yourself anytime and anywhere.

Company informative website

The company information website will also be in 7-8 pages. And it will contain all the details of the company like services and products. Also including with contact us pages and all.

Simple eCommerce website

The normal eCommerce website will de designed in WooComerce. Also will help to set up a free payment gateway likewise PayPal for the online stores.

Portfolio website

I will design a free portfolio website for free. The portfolio website will be with the awesome layout of the portfolio section. You can design a portfolio website for any kind of domain. Likewise photography portfolio and designs portfolio, etc.

Drop shipping store

And also if you would like to start a dropshipping store. Then also themecontrol will design for a free dropship store in WooCommerce. Also, they help to integrate PayPal payment processors free of cost.

You will also be also able to request to themecontrol for demo for the website. You can request the demo website which you are looking for. And you can request a demo on WhatsApp number +91 8469334931.

And also you can request to create a free website on the same WhatsApp number +91 8469334931.


If you want to create a free website, you can contact the themecontrol team. And your own website will be complete in the only a one-year hosting plan price.

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