Top 10 Best School Management System 2022

Nowadays schools are using software to manage student and parent data and there needs the best school management system to manage all data and records.By using software schools can send reminders to students and parents. In the world of technology use of the software is the base thing for schools. 

To develop a school management system or software costs thousands of dollars. Here we are listing here already developed school management ERP systems.

So you can buy these developed systems in minor amounts. And these are the best school management software. You can use it in your own domain and hosting. 

What is School Management System?

It is one type of software that is used by schools. And its manage the school data like teacher data, student data, and parents data. In student data, there will be a class number, roll number, results, fees, and complaints 

This system also can be used for collages. So also we can say this system as College Management System. 

Here I am listing top school management software.


Smart School 

School Management System
Smart School

Smart School is a modern system for managing schools, colleges, and educational institutes. 

It has 7 types of login available in the portal. Those are 

  • Admin Login
  • Teacher Login 
  • Parent Login 
  • Student Login
  • Accountant Login
  • Receptionist Login 
  • Librarian Login

Also, you can manage the front website from the admin panel. The awesome website layout is available and managed from the admin panel. 

It has 20+ modules available in the admin panel and you can manage it from there. I am listing a few important modules below. 

Students Admission

Admission module is available for new student admission in school or college. A form is available for admission with details like full name, standard, parent info, etc. 

Fees Collection

In school CRM admin can set fees for each class. And all fee records are available in the fee collection module. Fees may be different types likewise study, sport, library, etc.  It also shows a record of every student regards fees paid or unpaid. 


Teachers can take attendance of students in this module with one click. And it is stored in the school management system. And its records are available to see in the admin and parents portal. 

Restricted Mode

This module uses for teachers. All teachers can access limited data of students and other data. Likewise, teachers have access to limited class data and student data.

Website CMS

Best CMS available in admin panel for managing website of schools and college. All the data of the website can add from the admin panel. No require coding knowledge if you using this school ERP. System. 

Front Office

A receptionist can do admissions of students. And manage the inquiry, calls, and leads from the Front Office module. 

Print Certificate

It has the best facility to print all kinds of certificates for students. Just select a student and generate a certificate. And also print identity cards and badges for students and teachers. 

Home Works

In this module, you can create homework subjects-wise and evaluate homework for students. So it will store data in ERP. 

Class TImetable

Can set time of periods and class. Also can set time table based on the subject. Subjects can be set in the subject section with practical and theory. Each class has them unique timetable. 

Download Centre

Admin and teacher can upload syllabus and articles in systems. Students can download that syllabus and articles from there. 

Library Management

A complete library management system is available. In this module, librarians can add books and also issue/return books to students.

If you are using this School ERP system then do not require an additional system of library management. 

School Transport

In-School Transport module admin can add and manage buses and vans for students. And set the router of each bus and van. 


You can also manage the hostel in this ERP. Admin can add students in hostels and assign appropriate rooms. Also, their additional fees and other things related to hostels can manage in this module. 


The owner can generate all kinds of reports. Likewise, student attendance reports, teacher reports, result reports, exam reports, fees reports, etc. 

Online Fees Payment

It has a great function available where parents can pay fees online. There can be an integrated payment gateway easily and collect fees easily.


The dashboard has a graphical representation of all kinds of students reports. Related to fees collections, other activities, etc. It’s available in great design. 

And many more features are available. Like Accounting, Exams management, Marks management, SMS gateway, and Emails settings. 

It has also many add-ons available for this School ERP.  These are below. 

  • Android mobile application 
  • Online Course 
  • Google Meet 
  • Zoom 


It’s developed in Codeignitor Framework using PHP with MySQL database. 

For review live demo with all features you can visit more info/demo. Also, you can download this school ERP for just $59 from there.



Ekattor School Management System
Ekattor school managment software

Ekattor School Management system is available in Codecanyon. You can download it and use it for School. College and educational institute.

This is a web-based system available so you can use it in your own domain and hosting. 

It has 5 logins available for portal login.

  • Admin Login
  • Teacher Login 
  • Parent Login
  • Student Login
  • Staff Login

Ekattor School CRM has similar features are available as an above smart school. So let me just write a few important features list below.

  • Admission 
  • Attendance
  • Class
  • Subject
  • Exam Management 
  • Fees Management
  • Zoom (Add-on)
  • Online Class (Add-on)
  • Front website CMS
  • Library Management 
  • Reporting 


This School ERP in codecanyon, developed in Codeignitor and SQL database. And many more basic features are available in this School Management System (ERP).

For review live demo go to more info/demo. This School ERP has Thousands of sales in codecanyon.


IniLabs School Express

School Management System
IniLabs School Express

IniLabs is also the best school management system in codecanyon. It has many features available as described above ERPs. I am listing the main features available in IniLabs School Express. 

It has 4 types of login available in the panel.

  • Super Admin Panel 
  • Student Login
  • Parents Login 
  • Teacher & Staff Login 


It has an awesome dashboard view available with statistics and widgets. 

Role Permission 

Super admin can provide appropriate roles to staff. After being able to give permission to access ERP.

User Management 

Admin can manage staff, students, and teachers in one place. And can generate reports for any user.

Online Payments

The payment gateways are available. Those gateways are Stripe, Paypal, and PayUmoney.

Exam Management 

Can manage exams settings, schedule exams, grades, and marks in this module.

Academic Setting

Users can manage class, timetable, routines, and timetable in this module. 

Other core features are Attendance, Library management, scheduling, Emails & SMS setting.

And also hostels and transport features are available. 


It’s developed in the Codecanyon platform using PHP and SQL databases. 

This school ERP system is available in codecanyon. For a live demo and preview, you can visit more info/demo. And also you can download it from there.


Ora School Suite 

Ultimate school management system
Ora School Suite

Ora School Suite is also a ready-made School and college management system available. It has the same all the advanced features available. Which are important to manage school and educational institutes. 

One unique and advanced feature is available in this ERP. That feature is a biometric device supported by this school management software. 


Ora School Suite supports Biometric devices and ZKtecko devices. This feature isn’t available in another school ERPs. This feature can help in the attendance of staff and students by Biometric devices. 

And also the other advanced features are available in this school software.


It is available on the web, Android Mobile app, and iOS mobile app.

Payment Gateway 

2Checkout, Paypal, and PayUmoney support in this ERP school software system. 

Advance HR Module 

This module calculates payouts, salaries, staff attendance, and vacation.

Responsive Design

It has a fully responsive design so it supports all devices perfectly.


The best CMS available. Using this CMS admin can manage the front website from the admin panel. 

ID Cards generation 

It generates unique ID cards for students and teachers.

And many core features are available that available in other school management software. This School Software is available in Codecanyon. It costs only $45. 

To review the live demo and download software go to more info/demo.


School Management

Education & Learning Management system for WordPress
School Management system

School Management is the best software available in codecanyon. It’s used in educational institutes and learning centers. 

The unique thing in this School ERP software is developed in WordPress platforms. And most other systems are developed in PHP frameworks. 

Most benefits of the WordPress system is easy to customize and add features. Because WordPress provides thousands of plugins for more functions.

So you can add any plugin and customize features easily without coding knowledge. 

This has the same login functionalities as others.

  • Admin Login
  • Teacher Login
  • Student Login 
  • Parent Login 
  • Staff Login 

And the basic core features already available like Admission, Class, Subjects, and TImetable. Also fees module, payment gateway, library, etc. 

if need any extra feature then simply you can add the WP plugin to it. To review the live DEMO of this ERP, you can go to more info/demo.


Ramom School 

Multi Branch School Management System
Ramom School

Ramon School management ready-made system is available in Codecanyon. So you can download it once and use it for a lifetime in your own hosting.

Online examination is a unique feature available. In this School Management software than other ready-made systems. 

Also, the Ramom system has an add-on available for multi-schools. So, if you are looking for a multi-school management system then this system is best for you.

Another important feature is Enable and Disable modules. So you can disable any module which is not usable to you. Also, other core features are available as other advanced systems. 

Other core features are Online classes, Student fees. Print certificate, ID, Fees module, etc. Also, bulk SMS and email facility are available. 


It’s built-in Codeignitor framework (PHP) and MySQL database. 

To review the live demo of this system and all features, you can visit more info /demo.

And also you can download it from there for just $48.



Multi School Management System Express

Global is also a single school and multi-school management ERP system available. The most benefit to using this system is no need to purchase any extra modules.

If you are managing more than one school then the Global multi-school system is the best ERP for you. 

The benefit of this system is you can download it one time and can use it for a lifetime in your own domain and hosting. 

It has a similar login system as all ERPs have. 

  • Admin login
  • Teacher login
  • Student login 
  • Parent login

And it has all the core features which I described on the above systems. Like, admission, fees.  And payment gateway, certificates, class, subjects, etc. Also, CMS is available for front website management. 


It uses PHP and Codeignitor frameworks. Using SQL database. 

For more info and live preview, you can visit more info/demo.


EduAppGT Pro

School Management System
EduAppGT Pro

EduAppGT Pro is also the best school management system available in codecanyon. So once you downloaded it then you can use it for a lifetime.  

This system has the following logins available as other ERPs.

  • Admin login
  • Student login
  • Parent login 
  • Teacher login
  • Staff login

In this school software, many addons are available to use based on your requirements. I am listing those addons are below.

  • Gamification 
  • Online learning 
  • Multi schools
  • School time table
  • Subject news
  • Audio/Video homework
  • SaaS
  • Team conference 


It is developed in PHP (Codeigniter framework) with SQL database.

And all basic features are available in other software have.

For more info and a live preview of this system, you can go to more ingo/demo. And also you can download it from there.


InfixEdu School

School Management System Software
InfixEdu School

InfixEdu School is also the best school management software available in codecanyon. So you can download it and use it on your own server and domain.

This system has the same login systems. As other in above admin login, the student login, teacher login, and parent login. 

It has also many add-ons are available. You can select addons from it based on your requirements. Those addons are 

  • Flutter mobile application 
  • Online student registration 
  • Zoom meetings
  • Razorpay

Rather all core and basic features are available in this system. One advanced and important feature is available. That feature is the Chat feature.

By using this module teacher can make a group and communicate in this group related to study. Also can share details of course. Also, teacher and student can chat one to one.

This is an advanced feature rather than another school ERP system in codecanyon.


It’s also a built-in Codeigniter framework using PHP and SQL databases. 

To review the live demo on the domain you can go to more info/demo. And also you can download it from there for just $72.


InstiKit School 

School Management System & School ERP
InstiKit School

Instikit is the cheapest school management system & ERP available in codecanyon. Live video class functionality is available in this system. 

This system has all the basic features available described in the above systems. It has also a mobile application available. But the mobile application is for an extra price. 

For logins in the portal, there are similar logins available.

  • Admin login
  • Student login
  • Parent login
  • Teacher login 
  • Staff login

The one advanced feature available in this system is Advance Search. You search any keyword in the system then it shows results from the whole data available in it.

It’s an advanced feature available than other systems.


It’s developed in Laravel using PHP and SQL databases. 

It will cost only $19 for a web-based system. You can visit more info/demo for more details and a live demo of the system. Also, you can download from there in codecanyon.

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