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There are thousands of Customer Relationships Management Systems available for download.
We can say a short form of CRM is customer relationship management.

Let me first explain CRM.

What is a Customer Relation Management System (CRM)?

CRM is a system used by companies or organizations. This system can help to manage their relationship with their customers. And track their records.

CRM is available in website-based and also mobile applications. It’s used to connect customers and manage sales, productivity, and more.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is mostly available in SaaS-based platforms. Where people can register and start using the system by paying monthly fees. But also if need CRM for your own server and domain there are many available.

Here I am going to list the best CRM systems which you can download once and start using for a lifetime in your own domain and hosting.


Perfex CRM

Powerful Open Source CRM
Perfex CRM

Perfex is the best self-hosted CRM Tool that can be used for Customer Relationships and also for Project Management. It is designed with a clean and modern layout. This CRM helps you to look more professionals with your customers.

Perfex is powerful CRM software and thousands of companies are using this system. Companies are using their own hosting without paying monthly fees. Too many features are available in Perfex CRM. Those features are listed below.


It has powerful project management features available. Like you can manage projects with invoicing to your customers and track time for each task and bill to your customer. It has a facility to assign more staff to a single task. And track the time each staff worked on a task.


After completion of tasks and projects, you can directly send an invoice to your customer with all the details and quantity. Also, facilities are available for payment gateway integration. Like Paypal, Stripe, Instamojo, and more. Also, can track records of the payments from customers.

Stripe Subscription

It has a Stripe subscription available so you can send monthly subscriptions to customers. And bills will auto send to customers monthly.

Lead Management

The most important feature available in Perfex is Lead Management. You can assign leads to your staff and staff can edit, change the status of leads that are assigned to staff. Also, you can integrate web leads directly to this CRM.


You can send Proposals to your customer with price and quantity. Likewise a Proforma Invoice.


It has the best facility of the calendar where you can see upcoming events, invoices, contracts, and task finish dates in one place.


Assign tasks to each staff member of the company. And also can track record of task completion by staff. And can track a record of time to complete tasks.


For everything tasks, projects, leads, and staff you can generate reports and export them to pdf and excel files

Personal To-Do list

Each staff member has the facility to add a personal to-do list and change its status easily.

Customer Area

Each customer will have their own section where he/she can track all records of their orders. And interactions with the company.

Adjust Menu Items

Simple drag and drop facility available to move the menu up and down.


E-Signature is available to sign contracts, proposals, and estimates with the customers. So the work will be easy for customers.


Its built-in Codecanyon framework and SQL database.
And also many add-ons are available for the Perfex Customer Relationship Management System.

For more info and Live preview please go to more info/demo.


Zisco ERP

Powerful HR, Accounting, CRM System
Zisco ERP

Zisco ERP is developed for powerful HR, Accounting, and CRM systems. It has many features are available.

By using the Zisco system you can do all things HR, accounting, and CRM in one place. Features of Zisco are listed below.

Project Management

To manage the project, you can assign tasks to members, track time of task completion. Also track goals, review progress, send a notification to staff, and more. It’s a Project Management cum CRM system.


You can add/edit/delete employees and set their payout. And also can manage holidays and leave of the employee.


You can add expense, product price, sale price, and profit. Accounting will calculate profit and loss of selected time period.

Invoice Management

You can send invoices to your customer direct from Zisco ERP. And can get paid easily direct from customers. And also you can send reminders of invoices.


You can export CSV or PDF files of expenses, tasks, projects, leads, and customers.


It’s developed in the Codeignitor framework and MySQL database.

And many more features are available in it. For review live demo and all features, you can see more info/demo.


Grow CRM

Laravel Project Management
Grow CRM

Grow CRM is a project management tool cum CRM system. It is a client relationship management script.

It includes much more functions likewise invoices, estimates, tasks, leads, and many more. These important features are all described below.

Project Management

Grow CRM has best facility to manage a project. If you want your own software for project management this is the best system available to use. It has mostly all the features available that are used for project management.

Time Tracking

It has the best facility to track the time of every job done by an employee. You can also track the time of employees who worked on the job.

Invoice & Payments

You can send a direct invoice to your customer with details of the product, quantity, and note. And once the customer receives an invoice, he/she will be able to pay directly that invoice.


This feature helps you to send auto invoices to your customer by weekly, monthly, and selected time duration. So it can save time and invoicing work automatically.


It’s easy to send estimates of projects and products to your customer with all details including price and timeframe. And Customers receive estimates directly and finalize the deal.


You can generate leads from the web and the best option to manage leads in Grow customer relationship management system (CRM). You can assign leads to your appropriate staff.


It’s a built-in Laravel Framework with MySQL database.



HR, CRM and Project Management

Worksuite is built with HR, Project Management, and CRM. If would like to start a business for software services then Worksuite also provides a SaaS-based solution.

So you can use the SaaS product of Worksuite and start a business of project management tools and CRM. It has many more features. Few are listed below.

Theme mode

Best design available with switch-mode functionality. You can set theme mode what you prefer Like dark mode and light mode.

Best CRM App

Worksuite also provides android and iOS mobile applications. So an employee can manage their data from anywhere and any time from their mobile. Apps are addons in minor amounts.


The dashboard has listed all the things in one place with graphical representation. In the Dashboard, you can also download reports of customers, projects, jobs, and employees.

Manage Customers

Have the best option to manage customers in the Worksuite. You can add/edit/delete customers and review all customer records. With orders and all interacted things.


You can send invoices easily to customers. Via this module with all the details like products, quantity requirements, and timeframe.


You can send estimates of projects and tasks with all the details likewise price, quantity, and time. And it can save time to communicate with customers.


This system has a powerful project management module available. You can manage projects easily with the best features available.


Awesome ticket generation module is available in the Worksuite customer relationship management system. Any users can generate their queries into this module and the admin can review it in one place.


In the HR module, you can add employees and manage their attendance from it. And also approve leaves of employee and manage holidays.


Here you can communicate one to one in the team. And also can chat with third parties who are included in the project.

Notice board

By notice board functionality you can share important notes to team members. And everyone can read notice easily.


It’s developed in Laravel. (PHP)`

For more info and a live preview of this CRM, you can visit more info/demo.




CRM pro is a top-rated Customer Relationship Management Software. The Important thing in this system is developed in ASP.NET Core so for security reasons, this system is the best system.

Your data will be most securable than other platforms. Features of CRM Pro are listed below. 

Clean theme

CRM Pro customer relationship management tool has the best design with a responsive layout. So it supports all devices including mobile.


CRM Pro provides multilanguage functionality. You can select your preferred language in it.

Calendar Booking

Calendar is the best function available in CRM Pro. It shows all the tasks, projects, and upcoming tasks in one place to review date-wise.  

Kanban Stages

It has the best facility available to manage projects. So, the Kanban chart is an important part of a project management system. 


In Dashboard, it shows all the data in one place. Like tasks, complete tasks, upcoming jobs, and events. These data shows in graphical representation Also you can download reports of them from the dashboard. 


You can generate any report in PDF and Excel files. Reports are like customer report, sale reports, purchase reports, monthly reports, etc.

Customer Management

You can easily add/edit/delete customers into this module. And also can generate report of any selected customer and their interaction with a company.


In sale, once you will have an order, you can make a sale with customer name, products, quantity, date, and notes.


In Purchase, you can ad purchase which products you purchase from the supplier with date and notes. Also with the purchase price you can enter purchase.


It records all the financial data like total sale amount, total purchase amount, expense, and payments from customers.


The stock module manages stock of a company. Like total purchase products and sold products. It is calculated in stock and shows the available stocks of any selected product. 

Role Management

Admin can assign appropriate roles to his employee. This means every employee, a manager will have limitations in accessing data in the CRM system. Like Salesmen have only sales access, accountants have financial access, admin has all the rights, etc.


It’s built-in ASP.NET Core 5, C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML.

To review the live demo, you can visit more info/demo for more details and view all features. The cost of this CRM is only $39 for a lifetime.




This is a simple application developed for customer relationships and increasing business. PipeX CRM has many functions which are listed below. 

Client Login

Client login means customers can log in to the panel and access their data. The data appropriately interact with the company or organization.

Team Collaboration

Team has best feature to collaboration into project or job. Multi-members can include in project and they can communicate with each other and share files. So collaboration will be good in the team.


You can send a proposal to your customer regards new projects. By using this module you can send proposals like performa invoice. 

Activity Tracking

This module tracks all the activities are done by each employee for a project. This is the important feature available in customer relationship management software. 

Export Functionalities

You can export all kinds of reports in PDF and CSV files. Reports are like customer reports, sale reports, payment reports, etc.

Real-time notification

Admin will get every notification at the time of completion task, completion project. And the new assigned project, customer response, etc.

Performance tracking

Admin can track the performance of every employee. It indicates which employee did how much work and how many tasks. So you can track the performance of each employee.

Role Permission

An awesome feature is available for employee permission to access CRM. You can assign an exact role to the appropriate employee. Likewise, salesmen will have access to only the sales module.

Theme Mode 

It has an awesome design available with theme mode. You can change theme mode light mode to dark and dark mode to light mode.


PipeX is developed in the Laravel framework using PHP and SQL databases.

To review the live demo of this CRM you can go to more info / Demo. The cost of this PipeX CRM is $49. Also, you can download this system from there. 



Laravel CRM with Project Management, Tasks, Leads, Invoices, Estimates and Goals

Infy CRM is also a Project management cum customer relationship management system. It has also many features as all have in CRM. Those features are listed below. 


Manage all projects in one place with all features are described below. By using this feature you can deliver projects on time.


Manage all customers in one place. You can review all customer order report and their information with payment history. 


You can generate leads from web and direct store to CRM. After you can assign leads to appropriate members of the team. 


You can send invoices to your customer and receive payment directly to your integrated payment gateway. 


Using goals you can set targets for any job. And assign job tasks to appropriate employees and set goals to complete the projects.


Every employee can have the right to add expenses. Those expenses can be calculated in accounting. Also, you can track the expenses of each employee.


You can easily send estimates to your customer. With all the details including quality, quantity, price, and notes.


It is developed in Laravel Framework using PHP and SQL Database. 

To see more info and live preview you can visit more info/demo. And the cost for this system is only $29. This is the cheapest project management and CRM from codecanyon.

< class="mt0 mb0">Taskhub CRM>
Project Management, Finance, CRM Tool
Taskhub CRM

Taskhub Customer relationship management system has also a SaaS-based solution available. And have much more features available in it. The features are listed below. 

Project Management

Project management module available in Taskhub CRM. The project management system will be your own and in your own domain & hosting without paying monthly fees to other companies. 


Calendar available to review all the tasks date and upcoming tasks datewise. You can review all job-related dates and timing in one place. 


Accountants can send invoices directly to customers and also customers can pay that invoices directly. Also, employee can add their expense to it. And finally, all thighs calculate in finance module.


It has the best functions available for CMS. No require coding knowledge and you can use drag and drop to manage layout. Also, great features are available in media like all images stored in one place. 


It provides most languages for all countries. So if your employee is stuck in only the English language then he/she can change the language. It also supports RTL. 

Real-time Chat

Employees and admin can do live chat. Also, employees can chat with each other. This means one to one live chat functionality is available. 

Leave request

An employee can make their leaves request to admin. And admin can review leave requests and approve/reject that requests.

Personalize Sticky note

Sticky note is a great feature available in Taskhub CRM. Every employee can make their own customized sticky notes. 

SaaS Version (

If you would like to start a business based on a customer relationship management tool then this Taskhub CRM is the best for you. Because it provides a SaaS module.


It’s developed in Codeingnitor with PHP and MySQL Database. 

It costs only $19 and the SaaS platform is an add-on. You can visit more info/’demo for previewing a live system with all the features. And this CMS and Project management tool from Codecanyon.

LaraOffice CRM

LaraOffice is an ultimate CRM and project management tool available in codecanyon. You can download it easily in a few amounts and can use it for a lifetime.

You can use this in your own domain and hosting. The functions are listed below which are available in this system, 


Admin/Accountant can send Invoice to customers direct. And customers can pay easily. Also, you can set recurring invoices based on the selected time duration.


A quotation is the best part of the business. You can send quotations easily to your customers. With details of products, quantity, price, notes, etc.


Everything related to payment is calculated in accounting, Like payments from customers, Expenses, and salaries. Also, calculate the profit and loss of the selected month. 

Users Management

Each employee can log in to this portal. So admin will be able to give rights to each employee to access the modules in CRM. User management is the best module available. 


Also can manage projects easily from LaraOffice CRM available in codecanyon. If you would like to project management tool in your own domain and hosting then this CRM is the best for you. 


Everyone in team members can easily communicate via this CRM related to the job. Also, one-to-one chat functionality is available for communication. 


Sales, men can make direct sales from CRM. Including product, price, quantity, and notes. This product quantity reduces from stock. 


When going to purchase any product, a team can add purchase into this module. So appropriate product quantity added into stock.

Task Management

Each employee can manage tasks. Admin can assign tasks to employees and set a target of completing tasks. And also manage workload for each employee. 

SMS Management

SMS and Emails are the best functions in business. Here you can integrate SMS gateway and send regularly SMS to all customers and team members related to their work.

General Reports

You can export all the reports like payment report, task report, profit report, loss report, expense report, etc. These reports’ formats will be PDF and CSV. 

SaaS Version

If you would like to start a business on a SaaS-based solution then this is the best CRM. For the SaaS solution, you need to contact sales team of this CRM. 


It is developed in Laravel Framework with PHP 7x.

It costs only $59 for a lifetime and the SaaS model costs some extra. And to see a live demo of LaraOffice CRM you can go to more info/demo.



Ultimate Project Manager & CRM
Rise best crm system

Rise is the ultimate project management and CRM system. You can use it in your own domain and hosting. By using the Rise script you can increase productivity and customer satisfaction. It has many features available and listed below. 

Manage Clients

All client’s details will be available in one place. So it will be easy to see reports of any customer and send invoices, reports, and any reminder 

Manage Projects

The product manager can add/edit/delete products into CRM. Also can manage available stock. Admin can set product quantity alerts if stocks reduce. 

Manage Teams

The owner can easily manage teams and assign them appropriate roles. Also can provide limited access to using CRM. 

Recurring Invoices

Accountant/Admin can set the recurring invoice to direct customers. It will be based on selected time slots like a week, month, etc.

Payment Integration

It has the facility to integrate payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal. So customers can easily pay invoices directly.  

Chat with customers

Live chat functionality is available in Rise customer relationship management system. Admin can live chat with customers related to the project. 


You can integrate web page leads into this CRM. And assign appropriate leads to each employee from the company. And Employees can change the status of leads after contacting the customer.


Employees can request personal leave and HRM can review leaves, And have the authority to approve/reject the leaves of employees. Also, HR can set holidays.


This provides Multilanguage functionality. So if employees are from other countries then he/she can change their language easily on their own panel.


Rise is developed the Codeignitor framework

Rise CRM is available in codecanyon so you can easily download it. Fore review online preview please visit more info/demo. 

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