Bakery POS System with Bakery Management

Point Of Sale is an essential part of every business. Where the store owners can manage orders and order histories. Here I am going to introduce the best Bakery POS System. This bakery pos software is customized by ThemeControl and is available to use. 

It is an online Bakery POS system so it runs in a domain. It has many functionalities available with a user-friendly design. You can keep track records of each customer in it. And also generate reports as per products and categories. 

It has a great functionality available on is Pick-up date for the order. At the time of order taking seller can select the pick-up date of that order.

We gave the name of this system is ThemeControl bakery POS system. You will need a domain and hosting to run this POS system. If you are a bakery owner then you must take a look at this system. 

ThemeControl Bakery POS Software 

You can review all the features in detail of the #1 bakery POS system. Below are the details of each great function. 

POS Order placing features

Select customer 

At the time of order placing you can select the customer name from the customer database. And if there is a new customer then you can add a new customer easy way. And to add new customers by placing an order is very easy. You can do it with a single click. Also, we can say this application is a Bakery order-taking application or system.

Select pickup date

Customers want to pick up the order by the next day or another day. Then there is a facility to select the pickup date of the order at placing an order. So as per the pickup date bakery owner can manage the production of the bakery. 

Select product 

You can select a product by typing its code or scanning the barcode. And also can manage the quantity of product. It will show the unit price and total price of products. Also, show up a total of all products. 

Add note 

Also, the seller can able to add notes for staff. If there are any add-ons or anything related to pickup. So adding a note is also the best option at the time of placing an order. 

Place order 

After summarising the order with the customer’s name and pickup date. The seller can place an order. And also can print the order invoice with product details and total price. 

Other Features

Product Management 

Bakery owners or managers can add products and also the price of it. And also can edit/delete the product. At the time of adding a product, the owner needs to select a category. Product image can add at the time of adding product. After product will be added to the selected category. 

Also same as first need to add all the categories. Which are available in the bakery for all products. And can add/edit/delete the category.  

Order Management

Bakery POS System order managment

The order list is available with all the orders. This list includes customer names and their ordered products. Also, it shows the pickup date of each order. And also order place date for each order. 

The manager or seller can also search orders as per pickup date or order placement date. Also can search as per customer name and phone number from the order list.  

Order status

You can also change the order status from active to picked up orders. And also you can cancel the order.  

Customer management

Bakery POS System custmer managment

In the customer module, the manager or owner can add customers easily. And the added customer details with phone numbers are stored in the database. Also anytime can edit/delete customers. 

Bakery POS System – Reports 

It has an awesome reports facility available. Below are the reports available in it. 

Daily report 

Bakery POS System daily reports

In the daily report, you can select today’s pickup date then it will show today’s reports. Also, you can select any date for the order report. 

Daily production 

In daily production, you can choose a pickup date. And it shows up how many orders need to prepare today. 

Category report 

Category reports show orders as per the category. Likewise, category Bread has 15 orders today. Or selected date. 

Customer report 

Bakery POS System custmer report

In the customer report, you can choose any customer and it shows the order of that customer.

This means you can generate order reports for any customer. 

Import data 

You can import order data, customer data, etc. And import formats are PDF, and CSV files are available. These files are downloaded in a4 size format. 


Bakery POS System dashboard

In the dashboard, you can see recent orders in it. And also you can search orders as per pickup date. Likewise today’s orders or tomorrow’s orders. Also can search customer names or phone numbers for their order view. 


The cost of this Bakery POS is $480.  

Benefits of using Bakery POS system

Bakery POS System pos dashboard
  • Can use it any time and anywhere 
  • Track order records
  • Manage customer reports 
  • Can manage pickup dates  
  • Easy to manage customers 
  • Monthly orders reports 
  • Generate any customer report
Can ThemeControl Bakery POS be available for lifetime use?

es, ThemeControl bakery POS software is available for lifetime use. Once you buy it. And no monthly fees and subscriptions are available. 

How to use this Bakery POS system?

along in your domain. And you can start using it any time and anywhere. This is an online system so you can also access it from mobiles.

Is there only a one-time payment for this Bakery POS system?

software is charged monthly basis. This is not a monthly basis or subscription basis payment plan. It’s just paid once and used for a lifetime.

Is there any extra cost of Bakery POS?

o, there is no more cost for this Bakery POS. once you buy this system then you can use it for a lifetime in your own domain. You will need your own domain and hosting. And no hidden charges are available. 

How to install ThemeControl Bakery POS?

Once you buy this Bakery POS System then installation instruction comes with it. It’s very easy to install in your hosting and domain. Also, documents will be available with it.

Are there any possibilities to make customization in this Bakery POS software?

Yes, the developer team is available for customization as per your needs. It will be more charges as per need. You can directly contact the team about customization via WhatsApp. And the WhatsApp number is +91 8469334931

Review live demo of this POS system by checking DEMO. And to buy this system you can contact via WhatsApp no. +91 8469334931. 

Demo URL:

Username- admin

PassWord- admin

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